The first Business conference and opening of Educational center of CIAB

The first Business conference and opening of Educational center of CIAB

Two significant events were held in the city of Vyshgorod on 29 Jul 2011 – the First Business conference "Modern genetics in the pig" and the inauguration of a Training center "Center of increase of efficiency in animal husbandry".

The first Business conference gathered more than 40 participants and was held in a new Training сenter.

Inaugurated Training center and the First Business conferenceMykola Babenko– General Director of "Center for efficiency in animal husbandry", Elena SizarevaExecutive Director of "Znamensky SGC", Leszek Mardarovici– Director of "Genesus ink" for Europe and the CIS and Viktor Timchenko– President of the Ukrainian Association producers and processors soybeans.

Training center was established with the support of the "rural development Fund" to promote the comprehensive development of the leaders of agribusiness, introduction of modern technologies, modernization of the industry and improve their efficiency.

The first Business conference "Modern genetics in the pig" was a continuation of the work carried out by LCC "Center of increase of efficiency in animal husbandry". This conference represents the first stage of the "Programme for the improvement of genetics in the pig."

«There are a lot of conferences and seminars on swine production In Ukraine. There are some differences as for our Business conference. First, the Business conference is part of the program, so to speak, the first step. Our center has developed a number of measures aimed at improving the efficiency of pig production as a business.

We divided them by trends (e.g., genetics) and created the "Program of genetic improvement in the pig." The next step will be the offer of Center individual programs to improve genetics for specific enterprises of pig production by the Centre in cooperation with the Institute of pig breeding of NAAS, and genetic companies.

The second difference is specialization. It is difficult to understand and memorize a lot of information, especially if there are doubts about its authenticity. We divided the pig-breeding business on a part: genetics, equipment, feed, health, and management. Center provides services either in the trends or the best option in the complex.

The choice of making the client. Nobody has offered us yet and still, no one offers us the comprehensive support on the market. Some pieces of advising relating foods, other relating health, and others – in content, etc., we also take into account all factors influencing the result" – said Mykola Babenko.

Elena Sizarevasaid: high-yielding genetics is the basis of profitable pig farming. Without a high level of genetic potential none of the animal producing enterprises is able to pay even for the best technology and perfectly balanced feed high levels of productivity.

We "Znamensky sgts" saw that the breeding of parent pigs and F1 for commodity production is not enough represented on the market and created the first breeding and genetic center in Russia. After all, modern genetics went so far and opened an unprecedented opportunity to the producers of pigs.

There are the Advantages of high-yielding genetics for commercial producers, for example, in obtaining more than 25 weaned piglets per sow per year F1, feed conversion in the commodity hybrids 2.5 kg, precocity to 150 days, the high health status of livestock and, of course, most importantly – profit.

The "Znamensky sgts" project is based on a large-scale breeding and genetic activity in cooperation with the company "Hyper" ("Hendrix Genetics", Holland) – one of the leaders on the world market in the fields of pigs genetics and we are ready to share its successful experience with the Ukrainian pig production enterprises"

The Business conference highlighted the issues of selection, technological issues, and problems of the management system of enterprises. Also, the issues of genetic resource and the possibility to raise the genetic potential of pig production of Ukraine to the world level with the introduction of advanced technologies of keeping, feeding, health were under discussion.

Pig breeding is a traditional sector of the national livestock, as well as pork, has long been a traditional product of the Ukrainian cuisine. For example, in the early twentieth century, pork occupied 60% of the Ukrainian meat market, in 1990-2000 to 35%, and less than 30% since 2000-2008. As you can see, the tradition is slowly fading away.