• Complex services for pig farms

    Includes audit of pig breeding, making of business-plan, implementation of accounting program, veterinary and technical consulting

    Our clients gets a technological cost of live weight at 0.75€ per kilo

  • Manage pig farm simply
    PigCentre - software for accounting and control of all processes on pig farm. Manage the movement, selection, reproduction, feeding and treatment from one program. Also, it's simple - data entry takes 30 minutes everyday.
    Manage pig farm simply
  • 5 programs in one
    Whole data of dairy farm in one program MilkCentre: herd management, selection, accounting of feed, veterinary medicines and goods, synchronization with milking point and feed mixers. All data collects in one base and you don't need to use several programs for different needs.
    5 programs in one
  • Business-Plan for farm
    We collect information "as it is now" and draw up a monthly plan for the year: a plan of expenses and incomes, planned technological parameters.

    Our business-plans are reliable. ver 5 years of cooperation with different clients, the plan / fact deviation in our business-plans are 5%.
    Business-Plan for farm
  • Audit of pig farm
    It lasts up to 30 days. Includes a complete analysis of feeding, the health of the herd and the compilation of a plan for farms, insemination, animal movement on the farm.

    The result of the audit will be a report with the calculation of the actual live weight cost and identified violations and shortcomings.

Consulting in livestock



Commercial organization with implementation of science technical progress and information technology in livestock

Setting up the latest technology takes 3 months, after which the Center monthly audits compliance technology
Setting up the modern technology takes 3 months, after which the Center monthly audits compliance technology.
Including all information about livestock and farm, daily data set and staff training for real-time production control


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