About company

About us

The Centre for improvement of animal breeding Ltd was established in 2011. The Company works with the pig-breeding farms, milk-product farms and agroholdings both in Ukraine and abroad. We are addressed for the technology audit, cost-cutting, activity planning, business improvement and support.    

Mission of the Centre

Our aim is to establish the best organization on animal husbandry profitability increase and support.

In order to do it, we have gathered the experience of the leading scientific centers of the developed countries. Our staff uses the experience of INRA (France), NRC (USA) and EMBRAPA (Brazil). We exchange our experience with the leading veterinary and feed producing companies.

We like to solve the difficult tasks considered to be ill-fated and futureless by other people. The Centre has implemented 40 projects aimed at full technological processes’ customization at the animal husbandry enterprises within the last 6 years. Besides the veterinary and technological support, we have also solved the non-routine tasks: the unprofitability reasons detection, sales and supply departments’ establishment, sources of funding search and investments support, complete staff change and hiring, trust management of the enterprise, etc.

Due to it, we are the only company in Ukraine capable of implementing the production effective technology within the term of three months and making any loss-maker the profitable one within the term of 6 months. 

Main trends of the Centre's activity

  1. Technological support:
    • feeding programs development  
    • livestock’s monitoring and rehabilitation 
    • accounting automation 
    • business-plan development and control over its implementation 
    • staff recruitment, training and further training       
  2. Veterinary support:   
    • rectal and US-diagnostics
    • orthopedic medical diseases treatment
    • inner organs after-slaughtering examination
  3. Independent audit.
  4. Outsourcing in animal husbandry:
    • veterinarian, artificial insemination engineer and enterprise’s checker’s functions replacement
    • search and support of the clients on genetics, slaughter pigs and piglets of 25 kilos’ weight 

Agricultural investment

The Centre has been  developing the solutions for the accounting automation on farms.    

We have invested 1 million hryvnias spent on the “Селекція в тваринництві” software services improvement and development for the pig-breeding farms, milk-product farms.     

It is the only management software on the market to control all the technological processes: breeding, turnover, selection, renovation of animals, productivity, feeding, veterinary procedures, selling. The software calculates the cost price on the basis of this data. The data input is used for compiling the set forms of reports to the Animal Health Office.      

We have been training the agrarian educational institutions’ students since 2011. The on-the-job-training and internship are conducted on the enterprises. Students often participate in technology setting projects and perform the functions of the veterinary technologists, artificial insemination engineers’ helpers and recorders along with the Centre’s experts.    

Each person gets the task to be completed during the on-the-job-training period – the veterinary procedure conduct in accordance with the treatment-preventive means, data input and accounting on the enterprise, rectal and US-diagnostics, etc.

Due to it, students get the work experience at the enterprise, the complex understanding of the technological processes and the skills of the proper work organization.

Students are provided with the certificates and references after the on-the job-training’s completing, are assisted in getting the gob with the enterprise.