How does Dosatron work?

How does Dosatron work?
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Many people ask themselves:How does Dosatron work? How to install it? What, apart from the dispenser itself, should I install?

These and other issues are disclosed in this article.

Dosers (medics) are designed to introduce vaccines, vitamins and other preparations to birds and animals with drinking water. Also dispensers can be used for disinfection, cleaning of water networks, application of fertilizers, phyto-treatment, lubrication, pH adjustment, car washing, etc.

Benefits of administering drugs with drinking water

  1. Usually patients or stressed animals continue to drink to compensate for overheating and dehydration;
  2. Unlike food, drinking water ensures the speed of action and assimilation of medicines until irreversible pathological changes occur, and also limits the spread of infection;
  3. Flexibility and continuous nature of administration (the possibility of changing dosage and drugs, various combinations of drugs under veterinary control);
  4. Increased uniformity and consistency of dosage compared with the administration of drugs with feed;
  5. Reducing the risk of infection and / or residues of antibiotics when slaughtering cattle;
  6. Absence of interaction of injected drugs with other supplements contained in food.

Principle of operation

Thanks to the unique technology, the dispenser connected to the water network uses only water pressure for its work. The dispenser ensures the proportional continuous absorption of the concentrated product, and then mixes it with water in a predetermined ratio and directs the resulting solution further through the network. The dispenser automatically adjusts the proportionality depending on the change in water flow.



To increase the service life, it is recommended to observe the following rules:

  1. Set the filter (60 microns) in front of Dosatron;
  2. Change the dosage pads annually;
  3. Rinse as often as possible with clean water;
  4. Adjust the dosage not under pressure;
  5. Install the necessary protective devices against excessive flow, pressure and hydraulic shocks (flow / pressure limiter, accumulators, protection valves against hydraulic shocks, etc.);
  6. Install in a completely bypass line.

Regulation and dosage

The dosage adjustment is made by combining the top of the ring with the desired mark on the graduated ruler. The amount of the injected product is proportional to the amount of water entering the Dosatron.

Example of calculating the dosage of a drug


  • Dosatron is set at 2%;
  • The dose of the drug is 200 grams per ton of water;
  • In the case there are 1,000 pigs, an average of 20 kg.


  1. Determine how much water a day will pass through Dozatron;

Piglets drink water about 10% of their weight.

  • 1 000 heads * 20 kg = 20 000 kg of live weight of piglets is in the body;
  • 20,000 kg * 10% (or 20,000 * 10/100) =2 000 liters of waterDrink a pig in our example.
  1. Determine the amount of water in the dilution tank;
  • 2 000 liters * 2% (or 2 000 * 2/100) =40 liters of waterYou need to dial into the dilution tank.
  1. Determine the amount of the drug.
  • 2 000 liters / 1 000 liters * 200 grams =400 grams of the drugMust be added to the dilution tank


To ensure the feeding of 1,000 heads of pigs with an average weight of 20 kg through a 2% dosatron, add 40 liters of water to the dilution tank and add 400 g of the drug.

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Scheme of Dozatron installation

The standard scheme for the installation of Dozatron

Стандартная схема установки Дозатрона

Preparation of a water supply unit using Dozatron

Подготовка узла водоснабжения с использованием Дозатрона

Standard installation (water treatment for the whole building)

Стандартная установка (обработка воды для всего здания)

Installation with two circuits (separation into processing zones)

Установка с двумя контурами (разделение на зоны обработки)

Correct installation of Dozatron ensures its long-term use.